By Dina Yin King & Wood Mallesons’ Mergers & Acquisitions Group

Last week on May 15, 2013, China’s State Council published a decision to further eliminate certain administrative examination and approval items《国务院关于取消和下放一批行政审批项目等事项的决定》(国发(2013)19号) (the “Decision”). According to the Decision, certain items (including projects, activities, organizations and other similar matters) which previously required central government approval now no longer require such approval.
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作者:汪蕊,合伙人 ,金杜律师事务所,奥运工作团队

作为取得奥运会市场开发权益的对价,各相关类别的赞助商向奥运会提供了金额可观的资金和实物投入。每一届奥运会的成功举办都离不开赞助商的大力支持。因此,国际奥委会将赞助商的权益保护视为奥运会筹备组织工作的重要环节。而北京市政府和北京奥组委也在《主办城市合同》及《市场开发计划》中做出了庄严的承诺,将采取一切必要措施防止和打击任何形式的隐性市场行为。Continue Reading 北京2008奥运会的反隐性市场措施

By Wang Rui, Partner, King & Wood’s Olympic Group

As consideration for obtaining Olympic marketing rights, the official sponsors have contributed considerable funds and goods to the Olympic Games. The strong support of sponsors is crucial to the successful staging of every edition of the Olympic Games. As such, the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”) views the protection of the sponsors’ rights as an important aspect in the preparation and organization of the Olympic Games. The Government of the Beijing Municipality and Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (“BOCOG”) also solemnly have covenanted in the Host City Contract and the Marketing Plan that they will take all necessary measures to prevent and combat ambush marketing in any form…Continue Reading Anti-ambush Marketing Measures for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games