Notification-Deletion Principle

By Dang Zhe and Jiang Zhipei King & Wood Mallesons’IP Litigation Group

This spring has witnessed several important moves in copyright law related legislation in China. On March 31, the National Copyright Administration issued the draft of the PRC Copyright Law (Revised Draft) (the “Draft”)to gauge public opinion. Indeed the articles on copyright liability for ISPs caused heated discussion. On April 22, the Supreme People’s Court, in a similar attempt to gauge public opinion, issued the exposure draft of the Regulation of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law Involving Civil Disputes over Cases of Information Network Dissemination Right Infringement (Exposure Draft) (the “Exposure Draft”), which contains more comprehensive and specific provisions on the copyright infringement liability of Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”). Although these two documents are not in force yet, they can be assessed to better understand the legislative and judicial intent of the national copyright administration and the highest judicial organ on the copyright related legal liability for ISPs.
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