Today’s society yearns for more convenience, which naturally calls for more connectivity among devices to the Internet. Meanwhile, the need for cybersecurity has also increased.

Experts at the World IoT Security Summit 2018 – organized by TAAS Labs – commended China’s efforts in strengthening its Internet security landscape, but noted there is still huge room for improvement.
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King & Wood’s IP Legal Group in Beijing

The Domain Name Dispute Settlement Center of CIETAC was established in December, 2000, and began operation on July, 2005, as the Internet Disputes Settlement Center. This Center accepts cases including cybersquatting of domain names (disputes on Chinese domain names, e.g. ".cn", and top-level general domain name, e.g.".com"), cybersquatting of general websites, wireless websites, text message websites, etc.

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With the increased popularity of the Internet, web-based information is frequently used as evidence in judicial proceedings in China. In most cases, the web-based information is stored inside a web server in the form of electronic data. When submitted to a Chinese court as evidence, the web-based information must be downloaded in the presence of a notary public in order to verify its authenticity.

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