By LIU, Haitao (Harry), LI, Ronghui (Sam), YU, Linda and XIA, Ying

One day before noon, a colleague came up and asked: “What’s that English term in corporate investigations, the one for obscuring sensitive information in documents?” And suddenly she got it: “Ah, I remember, it’s ‘Redaction’.” Then, she went back to her drafting… Redaction, a document editing method frequently used by legal counsel in compliance and dispute resolution matters, refers to a process of obscuring or removing sensitive information that is not allowed to be disclosed to the other party.
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By Xue Han, Liu Keer, Xue Yingyuan King & Wood Mallesons‘ Corporate & Securities group

Against the backdrop of cyber security law, Updated privacy policies, do they live up to the hype?

Quite a few major internet giants in mainland China, apparently encouraged by regulatory authorities, have put in considerable efforts in recent months to update their privacy policies. It appears that the relevant regulatory authorities have completed assessing the updated policies. These updated policies are likely to be viewed as having a certain effect in setting a precedent or benchmark for personal data compliance in mainland China.
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By Susan Ning, Wu Han, Li Huihui , Zhang Lejian King & Wood Mallesons’ Commercial & Regulatory group

Over two months has passed since the Cyber Security Law of the People’s Republic of China (Cyber Security Law), a fundamental law in cyber security, took effect. Such a short period of time saw numerous changes: in legislation, implementing regulations dealing with “personal information protection”, “security assessment of cross-border transfer of personal information and important data” and “protection of critical information infrastructure (CII)” are under formulation; in law enforcement, regulatory authorities are taking resolute efforts to implement the Cyber Security Law, with specialized law enforcement campaigns in various places. Meanwhile, conflicts among network operators arise among others, in relation to ownership of personal information and data owners. All circles of the society are focusing on development in regulations associated with the Cyber Security Law and in law enforcement.
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