Whether directly or indirectly involved with human genetic resources sourced from China, foreign organizations and individuals (or institutions formed or controlled by them) (together “Foreign Parties”) should be aware of the Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Human Genetic Resources (中华人民共和国人类遗传资源管理条例) (the “Regulations”).
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By Mark Schaub and Molly Su King & Wood Mallesons‘ Shanghai office.

For much of its short history, Bitcoin’s turbulent growth has remained relatively unbridled by regulations or laws. The past 12 months have been no less explosive—investors in Bitcoin have enjoyed the cryptocurrency’s greatest period of growth since its inception in 2009. At its peak on the 11th of August this year, 1 BTC reached 4425.30 USD, a sevenfold increase on the same day the previous year.[1] 1 BTC has since dropped to 4,210.94 USD at the time of writing.[2] 
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