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By Xu Ping, Partner, King & Wood’s FDI Department

In continued support of foreign direct investment into China, on April 13, 2010, China’s State Council released the Further Views on the Utilization of Foreign Capital (国务院关于进一步做好利用外资工作的若干意见). These new guidelines for foreign investment in China encourage foreign funds to flow into high-end manufacturing, hi-tech and eco-friendly sectors and to the central and western areas of the nation. The guidelines restrict investment into environmentally unsound projects and in sectors suffering from overcapacity. Meanwhile, the new guidelines also promise more favorable policies for foreign-funded companies, including an array of new tax incentives.Continue Reading China Reaffirms Support for Foreign Investment

By John Lo, Partner, Corporate, King & Wood–Hong Kong

Nurturing the growth of a science and technology focused sector became a significant part of the government policies of the first post-1997 administration. Under the guidance of the late Professor Tien Chang-lin, former chancellor of University of California, Berkeley, the government issued a technology blueprint for Hong Kong shortly after the changeover, which led to a new period of innovation and growth in the tech sector.Continue Reading Angel Investing in Hong Kong: Part V Government Tech Policies

At first glance, the goals of intellectual property law and competition law might appear to conflict. IPR owners are granted statutory rights to control access and charge monopoly rents to others for use of their rights. IPR owners may also use terms of IPR licences to regulate downstream activities of their distributors, such as imposing exclusivity, territorial restraints and price restraints. Competition law, on the other hand, is directed at curtailing such market power which may prove harmful to economic welfare.
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