By Qian YaozhiXia Dongxia, Liu Xiangwen & Zhou We King and Wood Mallesons’ Dispute Resolution Group

The Haifu Case is the first case in China where a court has denied the validity of an agreement containing a valuation adjustment mechanism (“VAM Agreement”). It has caused drastic reactions in the PE industry, and not surprisingly, the retrial of this case by the Supreme People’s Court of China (the “Supreme Court”) has also attracted intense public attention. Recently, the Supreme Court has given its retrial judgment, where the Supreme Court (i) corrects the lower courts’ decisions that completely deny the validity of the VAM agreement, and (ii) distinguishes VAM agreements between shareholders and the company from that between the shareholders only, and affirms the validity of the latter. This retrial judgment can be expected to have considerable influence on the controversial issue of validity of VAM agreement, and to generate significant implications for PE investors as for how to protect their interest.
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